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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Industry News
Gartner confirms 2.6% on IC growth in 2016 5/17/2017
Gartner (Stamford, Conn.) concluded that global semiconductor sales reached $343.5 billion last year, an increase of 2.6 percent compared to 2015. The growth rate is higher than that estimated by other market watchers previously.
Anticipating Intel to release Core i9, the most powerful processor 5/16/2017
While many people use laptops or lower end CPUs, it’s good to see that Intel wants to keep innovating on the CPU front. Over time, it’s going to benefit everyone.
Close of a chapter in computer history 5/16/2017
Itanium processor had very high hopes: the 64-bit chip was supposed to do nothing less than kill off the x86 architecture that had dominated PCs for over two decades. Things didn't quite pan out that way, however, and Intel is officially calling it quits.
EU approved Broadcom acquisition of Brocade Communications 5/16/2017
The European Commission said the concessions offered by Broadcom addressed its concerns about the dealt third party confidential information".
Western Digital asks arbitration court to decide if it can stop the Toshiba sale 5/16/2017
“All of our other efforts to achieve a resolution to date have been unsuccessful, and so we believe legal action is now a necessary next step,” Stephen D. Milligan, Western Digital’s chief executive, said in a statement.
Apple to invest $1 billion on Reno data center 5/12/2017
Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said it was “the first major economic development success in northern Nevada and helped place this region on the technology and innovation map.”
Toshiba to postpone second round of auction 5/12/2017
The extension could be until the end of the month, but it could be even later.
Coventor created EDA tool to unify MEMS in IoT design 5/12/2017
"Our new unified MEMS platform, CoventorMP, integrates our older separate platforms -- CoventorWare and MEMS+ for separate design-modeling and device-simulation -- into a single platform that integrates with Cadence and specific foundry PDK's [process design kits] for modeling, design, simulation and test."
TSMC takes 12nm order 5/12/2017
TSMC's 12nm process is a smaller version of the foundry's 16nm technology, which is already offered in three process variants, and comes with lower leakage and better cost characteristics.
Foxconn to start U.S. plant construction in the second half 5/11/2017
Foxconn chairman Terry Gou has said the company was considering investing in the United States in late April, he had meetings at the White House about "capital-intensive" investment plans.
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