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Monday, October 16, 2017
Industry News
California governor Jerry Brown to put more zero emission cars on the road 10/12/2017
The state is working toward putting 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025 — an ambitious target.
Kobe Steel accused of altering inspection data 10/12/2017
Kobe Steel, Japan's third-largest steel maker, has announced that between Sept. 1, 2016 and Aug. 31 of this year it sold aluminum and copper materials using falsified data on such things as the products' strength.
Multi-layer 3D-NAND takes impractical wafer process time 10/11/2017
The limitations of 3D NAND scaling seem obvious. Then, will 3D NAND reach the end of its life span? It might not be that far off.
Iron Mountain to acquire data centers in London and Singapore 10/11/2017
This marks Iron Mountain’s first step toward international data center expansion. It expands Iron Mountain’s portfolio, which provides data center services to organizations across all industries that require highly secure, reliable, and compliant data storage and related capabilities.
Alexia application development kit now available 10/11/2017
This is the first far-field linear mic array solution available on the market, the kit has been designed for developers who are looking to integrate Alexa into smart panels, kitchen appliances, and other commercial and industrial electronics.
Intel sets up to do AI development in India 10/11/2017
Intel India has trained 9,500 developers, students and professors across 90 organisations in the past six months in the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI).
Tech Gurus to rebuild Puerto Rico with innovative approach 10/10/2017
Google’s Loon project is to set up ballon-based communications in Puerto Rico and Tesla’s Elon Musk has discussed with the Governor the possibility of restoring power supplies by installing solar power infrastructure.
Japan to build 37 petaflops supercomputer 10/10/2017
The machine will use 1,088 servers, 2,176 Intel CPUs and 4,352 Nvidia graphics processing units.
Improving Li Battery charge time with asphalt carbon 10/10/2017
We can bring them from zero charge to full charge in five minutes, rather than the typical two hours or more needed with other batteries.
Proposed TSMC fab to cost $20 billion 10/10/2017
TSMC is now racing to meet the future demand it anticipates from computers and connected devices in the so-called Internet of Things, from cars to home appliances and voice-activated speakers.
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