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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Industry News
Korean memory manufacturers are cautious in investment due to IT market slowing in China 6/16/2017
According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the inventory accumulation in China rose from 277.5 billion yuan to a record high of 333 billion yuan between January and August 2015 and then fell to 278.4 billion yuan in the first month of last year before rebounding to 330.5 billion yuan in April this year. The rate of year-on-year increase stands at a single digit or below 0% these days whereas it used to amount to 20% to 50% in 2015.
Foxconn has new partners to strengthen its bid on Toshiba 6/16/2017
Foxconn says Apple, Dell and Kingston join its bid for Toshiba chip business
GM raise production number on self-driving Bolt 6/16/2017
The Bolt is a fully electric car that went on sale late last year. It can go 238 miles on a charge, and is ideal for use as an autonomous vehicle because its electric system can charge the computers needed for self-driving capability.
IMF warns China on its mounting debts 6/16/2017
The Moody's ratings agency cut China's credit rating on May 25, citing the risks from rising debt loads.
Australian company claims they have ReRAM fast as DRAM 6/14/2017
Australian-listed memory company 4DS has touted its ReRAM as being "read speed comparable" to DRAM.
Intel warns Qualcomm on potential pitfalls in emulating X86 6/13/2017
"Intel invests enormous resources to advance its dynamic x86 ISA, and therefore Intel must protect these investments with a strong patent portfolio and other intellectual property rights."
EU has anti-trust worry on Qualcomm's NXP acquisition 6/13/2017
The European Commission citing concerns the deal could "lead to higher prices, less choice and reduced innovation in the semiconductor industry."
Rodgers ran out Executive Chairman Bingham in a Cypress proxy contest 6/13/2017
"While it saddens me to leave the board at such a time, I believe that the nature of this proxy contest has become a distraction to the company," said Bingham.
Bid for Toshiba heats up again with new conditions offered 6/13/2017
In Friday's meeting, Toshiba's Tsunakawa asked if Western Digital "could further increase the price", the source said, adding that the U.S. firm would modify its proposal, "to align with their thinking".
Samsung lost major 7nm contract to TSMC 6/12/2017
Samsung Electronics’ reported defeat by its Taiwanese rival in the 7nm chip order comes after it has faced a delay in developing the related fabrication technology.
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