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Saturday, April 29, 2017
Industry News
Huawei's P10 models experimenting with different memory systems 4/21/2017
The company equipped the new flagship smartphone models with both eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.0, and UFS 2.1 storage. Speeds of UFS 2.1 storage could hit 700 Mbps, while UFS 2.0 and eMMC 5.1 storage generally had test results of around 500 Mbps and 300 Mbps.
iPhone chip shipment to exceed 50 million in second half 2017 4/21/2017
Chip demand for Apple's upcoming iPhone series will exceed 50 million sets per quarter during the second half of 2017, adding that unit sales of the new iPhone are forecast to reach a total of 220-230 million units.
ASML to ship extreme ultraviolet lithography on 2018 4/21/2017
The company continues to make progress toward its goals for EUV of 125 wafers per hour productivity and 90 percent light-source availability.
Samsung claims 2nd generation 10nm FinFET process 4/21/2017
The 10-nanometer Lower Power Plus (10LPP) increases performance by 10 percent and consumes 15 percent less power than its predecessor.
New LI-RAM to reduce memory power by 10% 4/20/2017
Light-induced magnetoresistive RAM (LI-RAM) essentially “allows computer chips to exist at a molecular level,” which aims to reduce the power consumed and heat produced by modern PC processors
Intel to fabricate another 14nm chip for Spreadtrum 4/20/2017
Intel will fabricate Spreadtrum's SC9853 series chips slated for launch in the third quarter of 2017.
White House stalls world climate meeting 4/20/2017
White House postponed a meeting Tuesday where top aides were to have hashed out differences on what to do about the non-binding international deal forged in Paris in December 2015.
IMF prdicts global growth to 3.5% 4/20/2017
International Monetary Fund, which predicts that the world economy will grow 3.5 percent this year, up from 3.1 percent in 2016, a slight upgrade from the 3.4 percent global growth it had forecast in January.
Apple continue to make gain in the U.S. while weakening at China market 4/18/2017
In China, iOS lost 8.9 percentage points in market share over a period of one year. iOS holds 13.2%. It's Apple's lowest share in China in the last three years.
Powertech to buy Micron's memory assembly plant in Japan 4/18/2017
PTI disclosed it had signed an agreement with Micron to buy 100% Micron Akita. The pair also agreed to enhance their "long-term strategic relationship."
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