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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Industry News
Smartphone manufacturers are rolling 128GB of memory 6/12/2017
Such move has come in line with an increase in the release of higher-resolution content. Demand for greater memory has also grown as more users favor full-HD movies weighing 5GB apiece and more phones are equipped with high-quality cameras.
e-Rubber found its application in robots 6/12/2017
Toyoda Gosei and ASM will work more closely to accelerate the development of e-Rubber for practical uses in smart devices to be employed in various kinds of next-generation robots.
Wireless Network market to grow 17.6% in 2017 6/12/2017
802.11ac remained a bright spot in the consumer WLAN segment in 1Q17, with revenues increasing 17.6% year over year and shipments increasing 48.5% over the same period.
Growing memory market might lead to new investment in 2018 6/9/2017
DRAM supply bit growth on 1y/1z migration would not be enough to meet growing Cloud server demand unless new fabs/capacity is added.”
TSMC would rather build new foundry in Taiwan 6/9/2017
"We do not exclude locations in other countries, but a Taiwan location will be our first consideration," acting spokeswoman Elizabeth Sun told reporters.
Novatek to provide LCD driver for Apple iPhone 6/9/2017
Novatek has reported increased shipments of SoC solutions and large-size LCD driver ICs contributed to revenue growth in May.
Toshiba to name winning bidder on June 15 6/9/2017
Sources told Reuters the choice has narrowed to one bid from U.S. chipmaker Broadcom Ltd (AVGO.O) and U.S. tech fund Silver Lake and another from Toshiba chip partner Western Digital Corp (WDC.O) and Japanese government-related investors.
TSMC named Keller as president of U.S. operations 6/8/2017
As President, Keller is responsible for managing the North America business, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of TSMC and accounted for over 60 percent of TSMC’s 2016 sales of $29.4 billion.
Huawei wants to be major player in global PC market 6/8/2017
Sales of Huawei’s laptops and tablet computers jumped 70 per cent in the first quarter from a year ago, bucking the downward trend in the global laptop and personal computer market.
U.S. trade group forecast semiconductor to grow 11.5% this year 6/8/2017
The forecast is higher than the $346.1 billion projection released in November 2016, reflecting accelerating demand growth accompanying improvement in global economic conditions since the second half of 2016.
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