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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Industry News
SoftBank to invest $5 billion into Nvidia through its $100 billion Vision Fund 8/9/2017
The equity shares are worth around $5 billion right now. Following the deal, the Vision Fund becomes Nvidia’s fourth largest shareholder.
Renesas ships R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) with  Automotive Grade Linux 8/9/2017
Renesas has started volume chip shipment for Toyota’s new 2018 Camry which is scheduled to debut late this summer in the U.S.
PC DRAM module prices up 8/8/2017
The average contract price of PC DRAM modules rose by nearly 40% sequentially in the first quarter to US$24 and then by more than 10% sequentially in the second quarter to US$27.
New Zealand leads Asian Smart City race 8/8/2017
For the second straight year, New Zealand and Singapore have received the highest tally in IDC's Smart City Asia Pacific Awards.
China taking tremendous financial risk on chip investments 8/8/2017
The new fab projects are expected to carry high depreciation costs, while the aggressive recruitment efforts by semiconductor manufacturers will raise the cost of personnel needed for fab operation.
Chip sales is so far 21% ahead over last year 8/8/2017
Chip sales for the second quarter totaled a record $97.9 billion, up 6 percent from the previous quarter and up 24 percent compared with the second quarter of 2016, according to the SIA.
Toshiba excluded WD out of planned memory chip plant 8/8/2017
Toshiba said Friday in a statement. “Despite claims to the contrary, Western Digital does not now possess any legal ‘rights’ to participate in this phase of investment, which is an important investment in the next generation of flash memory.”
10% of business in Hong Kong facing serious cyber attack 8/7/2017
While some of the companies have performed backup more frequently after WannaCrypt, many are still resorting to more traditional ways of backup without leveraging the cloud.
Abu Dhabi investment company sold 40 million shares of AMD 8/7/2017
Mubadala continues to be the largest shareholder in AMD, holding 57 million common shares and 75 million warrants, representing a 12.9 percent stake.
Taiwan foundries and design firms are seeing flood of orders 8/7/2017
Most Taiwan-based IC design houses have seen sales start picking up in July, and sales are expected to see substantial growth starting September, the sources indicated.
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