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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Industry News
NAND prices up 6/5/2017
The NAND contract price went up 20-25% in Q1, reports DRAMeXchange.
Rumor WD to build flash memory plant in Japan 6/5/2017
WD is embroiled in a dispute with business partner Toshiba Corp over plans to sell the Japanese firm's prized semiconductor unit and is arguing that it should be given exclusive negotiating rights.
Attention goes to Artificial Intelligence at Computex 6/5/2017
"Computex seems to have shied away from mobility in favour of 'internet of things', which incorporates aspects of both cloud computing and artificial intelligence,"
New magnetoelectric memory can lead to low energy storage 6/2/2017
According to the team, the research could aid production of devices such as instant-on laptops, close-to-zero-consumption flash drives, and data storage centres that require much less air conditioning.
Phison Electronics seeks investment in China 6/2/2017
Phison is mulling whether to seek an injection of Chinese capital to a Chinese subsidiary in a bid to pursue new business opportunities
Google: Current leader in AI 6/2/2017
Google has been slowly injecting AI into many of its products and services and the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai has sounded very bullish on the prospects of artificial intelligence in recent public appearances. 
Mexico preparing for renegotiation of NAFTA 6/2/2017
The rules dictate how much U.S. content a product assembled in Mexico must have in order to escape tariffs when being imported into the United States. Currently set at 62.5 percent for the auto industry, that number could increase.
Uber fired Levandowski, self-driving car chief 6/1/2017
Levandowski is accused of downloading 14,000 documents from his Google computers onto a hard drive and then uploading them into his personal computer and bring them to Uber.
Micron to invest $2 billion on upgrading Hiroshima DRAM plant 6/1/2017
Hiroshima plant gears up for research and development on 13-nanometer process technology. It has purchased several pieces of cutting-edge chipmaking equipment at billions of yen each for R&D and is expected to buy many more when starting mass production of the dynamic random-access memory chips.
Western Digital may jally with the KKR group on Tohiba bid 6/1/2017
Western Digital Corp (WDC.O) may join a consortium of Japanese government money and KKR & Co LP (KKR.N) to bid for Toshiba Corp's (6502.T) chip unit, backing away from an earlier demand for an immediate majority stake.
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