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Saturday, April 29, 2017
Industry News
Western Digidtal offers first external portable SSD drive 4/10/2017
Western Digitalís other My Passport hard drives that recently got a new look. However, since this is an SSD, itís shrunk down and offers data transfer speeds of up to 515 MB/s.
China IC design output continue to grow 4/10/2017
China's IC design industry output value climbed to US$24.75 billion in 2016 from US$5.66 billion in 2010 which reached a CAGR of 27.9% during the five-year period.
India's X86 server market unit shrinked 4/7/2017
India's server market has dropped by 16.8% quarter-on-quarter in the last three months of 2016, with 30,501 units shipped compared to the 36,668 units in the third quarter of 2016. Revenue, however, grew 4.2% quarter-on-quarter, thanks to sales of high-density servers.
IBM to employ Nvidia GPU accelerator to boost server performance 4/7/2017
IBM said its cloud customers will be able to use the GPU accelerator for applications such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and and high-performance data analytics. The accelerator can support the types of intensive workloads required by high-throughput applications used in business sectors such as financial services, energy and healthcare.
China continue to recruit memory telents regqrdless of Micron law suit 4/7/2017
Law enforcement in Taiwan is investigating potential misappropriation of information. Micron is cooperating with the authorities, and cannot provide any further information on the ongoing investigation at this point,Ē Micron said in a statement yesterday.
Global memory market to exceed $100 billion this year 4/7/2017
The global memory chip market is expected to surpass US$100 billion (112.7 trillion won). The figure is up as much as US$25 billion (28.18 trillion won) from US$78.6 billion (88.58 trillion won) last year which was an all-time high.
U.S. Ok'ed purchase of NXP by Qualcomm 4/6/2017
Qualcom's acquisition of NXP will be the biggest-ever in the semiconductor industry. The acquisition is also expected to help Qualcomm, which provides chips to Android smartphone makers and Apple Inc, reduce its dependence on a cooling smartphone market
Fujitsu to blow new lives into Sparc chips 4/6/2017
Fujitsu is helping to keep SPARC from extinction as it continues to design and develop the architecture. The company has introduced two Unix servers -- the M12-2S and the M12-2 -- using SPARC chips based on a new CPU architecture.
Auto sales slowed in March 4/6/2017
General Motors reported a 5 percent increase in sales last month as Detroit counterparts Ford and Fiat Chrysler reported declines of 7 percent and 5 percent, respectively.
Montana to write their own Internet laws in defiance of Congress 4/6/2017
States have started writing their own legislation to protect broadband privacy after Congress voted to repeal regulations that would have required internet providers to obtain their customers' consent before collecting their personal information.
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