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Saturday, April 29, 2017
Industry News
Blackberry surprises industry on positive notes 4/5/2017
Blackberry topped Wall Street expectations with its latest earnings report announced this morning. For the fourth fiscal quarter which ended on February 28th, the company grew its top line by 12.2% to $193 million.
Apple to dump Imagination grapgics chip design 4/5/2017
Apple is developing its own graphics technology for iPhones, iPads and watches and will soon stop using PowerVR graphics processors made by British chip designer Imagination Technologies, Apple's largest customer.
Toshba chip unit sales could delay upon concern of national security 4/5/2017
The government and ruling parties have expressed concerns that Chinese capital may be secretly funding the acquisition of the Toshiba unit, in an attempt to gain influence. Toshiba will be examining all proposals closely, including how they are financed.
Taiwan recruiting companies to join IoT Center 4/5/2017
Taiwan's Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) has started negotiations with five to six U.S. high-tech firms, including semiconductor giant Intel Corp., networking services provider Cisco System Inc. and IT services firm Hewlett Packard Enterprise on working with Taiwan to develop IoT Center.
Rumor that Apple will bid for Toshiba chip unit 4/4/2017
Japanese publication Yomiuri Shimbun this morning reports Apple is possibly among the bidders, citing unnamed sources
IC Insights think that memory industry growth will be outstanding for the year 4/4/2017
IC Insights Inc. said it now expects IC revenue to increase by 11 percent this year due to a substantial upgrade to the forecasts for DRAM and NAND, which the market research firm now expects to grow by 39 percent and 25 percent, respectively. IC Insights had previously forecast that the chip market would grow 5 percent in 2017.
Investor brought Cypress wafer plant to operate independently 4/4/2017
The plant, built in the 1980s by Control Data, has 80,000 square feet of clean-room space and chiefly makes wafers that are 200 millimeters in diameter. Cypress produced about 17,000 wafers a month at the plant, shipping them to other factories around the world for use as the basic substrate for chips.
Toshiba said it will keep its defense semiconductor unit 4/4/2017
Toshiba assured the ministry's Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency that its defense semiconductor business will not be sold and that the conglomerate will keep working to retain engineers even after spinning off and selling its memory operations.
Dell released upbeat results 3/31/2017
The company reported operating income of $63 million, reversing an operating loss in the year-ago quarter, and achieved non-GAAP operating income of $752 million, an improvement of 32 percent year-over-year.
Intel said its 10nm FinFET will be "full generation ahead" 3/31/2017
Thanks to "hyper scaling" that squeezes in twice as many transistors. That will yield CPUs with 25 percent more performance and 45 percent lower power use than its current Kaby Lake chips when they ship towards the end of 2017.
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