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Monday, October 16, 2017
Industry News
Phison predicts flash shortage to continue 9/21/2017
Major chip providers Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have recently adjusted upward their prices for eMMC, eMCP and SSD devices by 10-20% to reflect their tight supplies. Meanwhile, Toshiba and Micron Technology have also informed their customers that the supply of their NAND flash chips will be reduced in the third and fourth quarters.
China demonstrates trade secret enforcement 9/21/2017
The four-month campaign will attack theft of foreign trade secrets and violations of patents, copyrights and trademarks, according to a Ministry of Commerce announcement this month. It says the goal is to "increase foreign investment."
Eurozone to grow as much as the U.S. this year 9/21/2017
In a forecast update Wednesday, the OECD is now predicting eurozone growth this year of 2.1 percent. That's 0.3 percentage point more than its previous prediction in June and means the region will match the expected growth rate of the U.S.
Intel shows 10nm technology for up coming “Falcon Mesa”. FPGA 9/20/2017
Since Intel acquired Altera, it seems appropriate that FPGAs would be the perfect fit here. Large-scale FPGAs, due to their regular repeating units, can take advantage of the smaller manufacturing process and still return reasonable yields by disabling individual gate arrays with defects and appropriate binning.
Wisconsin Governor signed bill for Foxconn to build factory 9/20/2017
The bill provides about US$3 billion in cash to Foxconn if it invests US$10 billion in a new flat-screen factory in southeastern Wisconsin and employs 13,000 people.
SMIC to foundry NOR memory wafers for GigaDevice 9/20/2017
SMIC has landed a ramp-up of orders for NOR flash memory from GigaDevice. GigaDevice has started ramping up wafer starts at SMIC since June from 2,000 units monthly to 8,000 units.
Intel works with Alphabet/Waymo on self-driving car systems 9/20/2017
Intel built “a custom piece of silicon” that fit Waymo’s sensor fusion needs and tapped Intel’s processing power.
Late delivery can impact iPhone 8 pre-orders 9/19/2017
Its delayed November 3rd launch is actually having a negative impact on  pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus.
Intel has plan to double its value by 2021 9/19/2017
Intel’s datacentre business will grow 10% annually till 2021, its memory business will grow 33% annually and its IoT business will grow 13% annually. PC is expected to shrink 1% annually.
South Korea memory makers are to make $428 billion profit this year 9/19/2017
In this case, the operating profit from the two companies, semiconductor business will exceed 10 percent of 401 trillion won (US$354.08 billion) of the government’s annual budget as of 2017.
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