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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Industry News
TSMC aims to deliver 5nm by 2019 5/26/2017
Trial production of 5-nanometer chips are to start in the second quarter of 2019 and mass production in 2020, Wei said, in line with the companyfs aim of upgrading its node technology by one generation every two years.
Qualcomm seeks injunction to force Apple vendors to pay 5/26/2017
Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) is seeking an injunction requiring Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) contract manufacturers to pay royalties owed.
Samsung propose NVMe for Data Centers 5/26/2017
Data centers can move and analyze data faster through the use of solid-state drives with nonvolatile memory express chips with the PCIe interface, Samsung Semiconductor said NVMe has a number of advantages over DRAM.
SoftBank to invest $4 billon on Nvidia 5/25/2017
SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son’s plans to become the biggest investor in technology over the next decade, with bets on emerging trends such as artificial intelligence to provide the underpinnings of machine intelligence in everything from data centers to automobiles.
WD bid $17.8 billion 5/25/2017
Western Digital’s plan could prolong antitrust examinations and cause an ill-timed delay for Toshiba, whose survival relies on the sale of the flash memory business.
SK Hynix to spin off foundry business 5/25/2017
All eyes are on the company’s next move as it can improve its status as integrated device manufacturer (IDM) by strengthening the non-memory chip business and seek various ways to reorganize the business by using its subsidiaries.
ITIF says: Trump's policy is bad for science and innovations 5/25/2017
The administration’s budget proposal would undermine America’s long-term growth prospects by slashing investments that are critical to the country’s innovative capacity and to the competitiveness of its most strategically important industries.
Huawei enters PC market 5/24/2017
Initially, Huawei plans to target the premium-priced consumer market, competing with Lenovo, HP and Dell [DI.UL], which together sell more than 50 percent of all PCs.
ARM signed JV with China 5/24/2017
China's HOPU-ARM Innovation Fund signed a memorandum of cooperation in Beijing with ARM aiming to set up a joint venture in Shenzhen and develop it into an important Chinese holding integrated circuit core intellectual property development and service platform.
Powertech's backend acquisitions in Japan 5/24/2017
gPowertechfs planned investment could help the Taiwanese firm expand its production base to Japan and grow its position there,h commission Executive Secretary Emile Chang (’£–Á•k) said by telephone.
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